The Holcomb Hollow Story

Holcomb Hollow is the premier gluten-free and vegan bakery in Lake County, Illinois. A member of the community for almost a decade, we are dedicated to providing high-quality cost-effective options for ingredient-conscious people. Our original recipes have won awards and are featured in coffee shops, juice bars, restaurants, corporate cafeterias, & more. We are women owned and operated.


Starting in our home kitchen by selling organic jam at one small farmer’s market, we quickly rose in popularity due to our innovative attitude about all things baked. Developing a gluten free flour, finding the best egg substitutes, and diligently sourcing vegan ingredients were all challenges we overcame. After that it was an easy decision to commit to 100% gluten-free & vegan baked products (but we still love to make fresh jam when we can find the time to source perfect fruit!).


Our number 1 item is our muffin. You can find a few different flavors at different retailers, as well as seasonal varieties. Our kitchen is completely gluten free, making us a safe option for celiac sufferers. We’ll make donuts once in a blue moon and you’ll never know what to expect at our next pop-up event. Be sure to follow our social media and ask about Holcomb Hollow at your favorite spot to hang out.