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The Holcomb Hollow Family

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The Holcomb Hollow Family


From humble roots, Holcomb Hollow has been built on the backs of a cohesive family unit. Of course we have our problems, bicker amongst ourselves, and hold differing big-picture goals for the future of of our business, but we all know how to come together, put the little issues aside, and support each other in this blossoming plan. Without any single member of our clan, the entire endeavor would likely fall apart.

Of course, Momma Bear is our fearless leader. With her years of experience jamming and baking, the original recipes she has crafted for our products were a surefire success. Perpetually slaving over a hot stove to fill the jars with farm fresh fruit and often up past midnight to get the bread ready for tomorrow’s market, her perseverence for her creations is always present in every item we sell. Almost as importantly, mom also takes care of most of the label design and overall branding, putting colorful exhibits of creativity on everything.

Papa Bear is her ever-loyal assistant in the kitchen, sterilizing everything his eyes touch and keeping track of inventories. He organizes the bulk ingredient storage, oversees most of the operation, and still finds time to do the dishes. Also, he is an invaluable part of our weekly markets because he drives the truck and helps with the basic setup. On our busier days, he’s driving non-stop to get multiple markets moving as well as deliver any additionally needed products when something sells out quick.

I work most of our markets and handle sales. I know our entire line backwards and forwards and have personally experimented with almost every flavor of jam we sell so that I can best educate our customers on what works and what doesn’t. I have a small hand in brainstorming ideas and also package each and every Bar with Benefits by hand. Besides that, I do my best to keep this blog updated weekly.

My little sister also works sales at certain events, helps with the “busy-work” tasks around the house to keep us on schedule, and handles our data entry, keeping the books detailed and accurate.¬†She peeled and cored hundreds of apples in the last few weeks to produce our apple jams. Plus, she made all the pennants herself, something that really adds to our entire tent’s personality.

Even my little brother finds time between his full-time college schedule to help get ready for and set up at our various markets when needed. What’s more, thanks to his job at the Bristol Rennaisance Faire, he is the face of our signature Carrot King jam. Look for him at the fair next year.

Deserving of a mention, my grandpa Fred helps out when needed, too. He’s always willing to take a long drive to pick up a much needed ingredient or packaging item on the fly. Possibly our most dependable “employee,” we really couldn’t be doing all this without him. Soon enough, he may even be the face you greet when requesting our deliveries.

Together, our family is creating a lifestyle of products that serve happy, healthy, wholesome foods to our customers. We would never produce or sell anything we don’t want to eat ourselves, and my fridge/freezer full of half-empty jam jars and Bars with Benefits can support this claim. When you buy from Holcomb Hollow, you don’t only support a local business, you support a local family.