Vegan & gluten-free breads & jam

Muffins & Quick Breads


Muffins are available at Hansa Coffee or our Farmer’s Markets. Special orders are accepted with a minimum of 4 of one flavor.



bread loaves





We offer mini bread loaves for special order or you can purchase them at All Ways Healthy (see retail locations for more info) and sometimes at our Farmers Markets. Send an email to if you would like to special order!




Banana (optional dairy free chocolate chips)


Banana Green Tea


Banana Triple Berry


Banana Strawberry


Almond Cardamom Cherry


Chocolate (optional with peanut butter frosting)


Zucchini (optional chocolate chips or pecans)


Carrot Cake (pineapple, carrots, & walnuts)


Blueberry Lemon with a Lemon Glaze