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Hansa Coffee Roasters of Libertyville

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Hansa Coffee Roasters of Libertyville

Holcomb Hollow has been lucky enough to team up with the latest and greatest coffee shop in Lake County, possibly the world. Hansa Coffee Roasters, founded by Tom Maegdlin, who was born in Lake Forest, and Kevin Kane, a longtime resident of Libertyville, is a beacon of life for anyone looking for a chill atmosphere that features extra-high-brow brews at casual pricing (I love the Fire Ginseng tea). What’s more, their hyper-local attitude is helping bring awareness to the possibilities of relying more on what’s ethically available rather than what’s cheap & popular without sacrificing quality.

One of the things that really drew us into Hansa Coffee Roasters is their obvious dedication and commitment to what they’re doing. All the art in their cafe is made by local artists, their employees all live in Libertyville, and they have sourced the most amazing local honey for their seasonal Honey Latte, stating that when this batch of honey dries up, there will be no more until the next harvest because it just wouldn’t be the same latte with any other honey. Tom can sometimes be found working late into the night roasting his coffee beans himself, opting this route rather than potentially disturbing his customers during the day, and Kevin is often somewhere in the coffee shop, enjoying a fresh cup and lively conversation with the patrons. Of course, Alex Campbell, Tom’s fiancée and official Chief Storyteller of Hansa, keeps the place running smoothly.

As Hansa develops, they have much greatness planned for their space. Yoga classes for charity, open poetry readings, live music, and an in-house crepe chef are just a few of the ideas I’ve heard being tossed around lately. And, in the warmer months, their main area has the potential to transcend a traditional inside/outside dynamic. You see, the space was originally a mechanic’s garage but has been renovated without losing the full-size bay doors. With these opened, there’s no limit to the party that is Hansa Coffee Roasters.

When we told Tom that, for legal reasons, he couldn’t stock our products just yet, he suggested we host a farmer’s market at his location to sell them to his customers ourselves. While this began as a last minute arrangement, I have begun reaching out to other local vendors, hoping to bring a wide array of local products into Hansa once or twice a month through the winter season. In the meantime, expect to find Holcomb Hollow in the coffee shop every other Sunday (whenever we’re not at the Chicago Botanic Gardens) at least through January. We couldn’t be prouder to be partnered up with Hansa Coffee Roasters of Libertyville.