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Foraged Grape Jam, On A Burger

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Foraged Grape Jam, On A Burger

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Over this past summer, we received numerous requests for intriguing jam concepts, such as tomato, rhubarb, onion, bacon, elderberry, and, of course, grape. While some of these may be harder to source and prepare than others, we finally began production on a grape jam when Holcomb Hollow found out about available wild grapes growing in the Antioch area. Thanks to the tip-off, Melissa & Molly went picking the treasure-trove of fresh fruit. Thoroughly washed but lightly processed, the resulting Wild Grape Jam has juicy organic pears mixed in for texture, as well as fresh local Fennel.

Each jar stands apart from an ordinary grape jelly while bringing a solid grape flavor, containing far less sugar than most alternatives. Spread on toast, an English muffin, a peanut butter and banana sandwich, or even a burger patty, this jam delivers an untamed taste. Made in our signature small batches, we’re very proud to be meeting a demand in our own way: locally, sustainably, personally.

For this burger, I used a patty from River Valley Ranch (I stocked up at the last week of Libertyville’s farmer’s market) on a fresh baked roll from the grocer. With a little mayo and homemade ketchup on the bottom, I smothered the patty in Wild Grape and topped with dad’s homemade pickles. Perfect lunch choice. The rich grapeness mingled well with the tangy ketchup and pickles, bringing out the warm mushroom flavor of the burger patty.

Be sure to find us at the Chicago Botanic Gardens Winter Farmer’s Market this Sunday, as well as the rest of the season, to sample the jam and take some time to enjoy the gardens. The lush scenery is a treat for the eyes and spirit all year round.