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Bars With Benefits (don’t cheat on your health!)

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Bars With Benefits (don’t cheat on your health!)

Holcomb Hollow Bars with Benefits

One of our keystone products we don’t talk about enough is our Bars With Benefits. Originally developed as sustenance for a 3-week folk festival in the Texas desert, these vegan gluten-free granola protein bars are packed with omega-3s, omega-6s, alpha linolenic acid, all 11 essential amino acids, and numerous other nutritional perks. They have zero preservatives or filler ingredients and are 95% organic. Almost as importantly, they don’t taste nearly as healthy as they really are.

As we had hoped, the Bars with Benefits were embraced by far more than just the vegan or gluten-free communities. Plenty of our customers just looking for a healthy, tasty, and locally produced granola bar have been pleasantly surprised by the free samples and opted to take some home. Some people would only buy a couple each week, while others stocked up to keep gaining the benefits every day of their routine. One woman who found us early in the season perpetually shipped them to her daughter away at college while still making sure her home freezer was full for herself.

But she wasn’t the only fan. One man, who appeared to just be traveling through the area when he decided to stop at the local market, first claimed he had no money to spend but managed to find some in his wallet after tasting the bars. A lovely couple that has supported Holcomb Hollow since day 1 says they bring the bars on their regular cycling trips for energy and that “full” feeling that doesn’t weight them down. Many customers found them to be the healthiest thing their kids would willingly eat, while some even claimed it helped their dog’s diet and health improve. We got messages on our Facebook and blog regularly from folks who just couldn’t wait until the next week’s market to buy some more.

I eat one almost every day. With the great filling taste of the bars and a healthy dose of protein, I find them to be perfect after yoga, during a bike trip, while foraging for mushrooms, for long train or bus rides, or even just while working on something when I can’t find time to prepare a meal. They have to be kept cold for ideal storage due to a lack of preservatives, but I just eat them right out of the freezer (or throw it in my bag/pocket to eat later in the day). They don’t ever get hard-frozen, retaining their soft texture at any temperature.

For those who may not know, we are still offering them for sale (with the rest of our products) via local delivery or you can come pick them up, just be sure to contact us ahead of time (we bake almost everything fresh to order). What’s more, we are ever closer to securing commercial kitchen space, meaning the Bars with Benefits will start to pop up in health food stores, coffee shops, and other retail outlets in the area.