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Welcome to Holcomb Hollow!

We are so happy you are here!

Holcomb Hollow sells award winning jam and gluten-free/vegan bread products.

You can find our products at the following retail locations:

Holcomb Hollow will also be at the following Farmers Markets this summer:

  • Chicago Botanic Gardens (First & third Sundays, 9am-3pm)
  • Lake Bluff (starts June 13, Friday mornings, 7am-noon)
  • Mundelein (starts June 13, Friday afternoons, 3-7pm)
  • Libertyville (starts June 18, Thursday mornings, 7am-1pm)

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Jams currently available:

Pineapple Mango Habanero

Mango with Saffron & Nutmeg

Pineapple Banana Coconut

Beer Jelly

Strawberry Sunshine

Strawberry Rhubarb

Strawberry Banana with Honey

Breads available:

Bars with Benefits (don’t cheat on your health!)

Available in the following flavors: Cherry Walnut, Maple Pecan, and nut free Chocolate Cherry.

Vegan Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread
Vegan Gluten-Free Banana Bread

Vegan Gluten-free Vanilla Almond Biscotti


With a literal taste for adventure, the Holcomb Hollow kitchen is an aromatic wonderland of jam jars and baked goods.

Because Melissa is always willing to risk a new recipe we offer an ever-changing and unique assortment of award-winning flavors.

Our partnership with local organic farmers gets us the freshest ingredients at the peak of ripeness (did you know the secret to delicious jam is using freshly picked fruit?).

Your purchase today supports our local family operated business which in turn supports local sustainable farming which we think in turn will save the world. Thanks for being a part of it.

Of course, Holcomb Hollow is more than just a business, it’s a family committed to wholesome sustainability. For years, we have utilized all the useful tricks in the book for reusing, repurposing, and redefining a resource’s value. Other than just giving discounts to customers who return used jam jars, our family also organizes a community powered “junk” collection drive that periodically rewards people for turning in specific items such as old flatware or unwanted sweaters with free jam & bread. The artists at Holcomb Hollow then create new products using whatever we get.

This summer and fall, be sure to find Holcomb Hollow at the local markets. What we do isn’t just sell fantastic breads and jams, we fulfill a commitment to provide our community with natural selections in a responsible way. Ask us about our hemp protein bars with cherries, walnuts, chia seeds and more. (They’re Vegan!)


Holcomb Hollow